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Transparent Electrodes

Transparent Electrodes

Printed Electronics manufactures Printed Transparent Electrodes for use in printed displays and sensors. As a critical component of printed electronics, electrodes fabricated on soft, bendable, and stretchable substrates are critical to their functioning. We use glass and flexible polymer substrates in the production of our Printed Transparent Electrodes, which ensures low-temperature processing, short operational time, and high output rate. Unlike top-down methods that use physical evaporation methods that transfer functional ink onto substrates directly, we use bottom-up polymer-assisted-metal-deposition methods for better adhesion between substrates and electrodes. Finding most of the applications for the solar cells, these are in high demand and attention due to its high performance and emerging technology.


Low cost
High efficiency
Improved conductivity
Superior adhesion of surface and ink


As front electrodes in flexible solar cells
Heavy-duty military sensor devices and radars
Portable printers and scanner
Dummy application