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Touch Input Devices

Touch Input Devices

Printed Electronics India is committed to exploring new dimensions of human interaction with technology through our extensive range of touch input devices. We manufacture touch input devices from a range of material systems, technologies and stack-ups to survive a wide array of functions and applications. Durable, damage-resistant and composed of resistive sensors, our touch input devices can also be manufactured for customized requirements for a variety of applications. From control panels, computers, mobile devices to portable devices and interactive surfaces, our products have deployed in diverse industries such as retail, healthcare, transportation, aerospace, industrial, etc.


Thin and lightweight
Flexible layout
Rugged and resistive
High visibility and touch sensitivity


Automated vending machines such as ATMs, food delivery, ticket vending, etc.
Interactive dashboards in automobiles
Inflight infotainment systems
Cash registers and inventory management in supermarkets or grocery stores