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Printed lamps are developed by the screen-printing electroluminescent display and touch-sensitive sensor circuitry on a glass. Electroluminescent Inks can be screen printed onto plastic sheets to form illuminated panels. These thin, lightweight panels can be cut and formed into various shapes to give truly flexible illumination. The panels are vibration and impact resistant, generate minimal heat in operation and have low power consumption.

Unless conventional electrical displays, the metallic based polymer in the low-temperature solder paste in the printed lamps increases adherence. With useful and innovative applications such as smart screens, smart labels, display, signage, decoration, etc., our Printed EL lamps truly push the boundaries of aesthetics and versatility in terms of user experience and application.

The EL lamp is a parallel-plate ‘lossy capacitor’.An active electroluminescent phosphor is embedded in dielectric and an AC voltage is applied to both plates which generates a changing field within the active layer, this causes the phosphor to emit light. The EL lamp is constructed from various layers of screen printed Polymer Thick Film ink compositions.Brightness of the lamp can be increased by a higher voltage and frequency, however both these will shorten the life of the lamp.

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Seamless integration
Highly luminous


Electrochromic Display
Smart Packaging
Smart Surface 7356