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Printed Electronics India, have developed printed PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heaters to address the market demand for lighter, smarter and energy-efficient heaters. As one of the most innovative technologies, printed heaters holds the potential for integrating smart heating technology in a wide range of applications since the PTC ink brings an incredible amount of versatility. Moreover, PTC ink is safe compared to traditional wires that overheat, burn and cause damage to products and property. PTC’s self-regulating property makes it desirable on printed heaters as the resistance increases and limits the heater’s electrical current, avoiding overheating and hazards.

The basic idea is to develop a heat from conductive materials. These materials have high conductivity and induce magnetic flux with respect to voltage. The conductive materials are deposited on to the flexible substrate with the help of conventional screen printing techniques. Printed flexible heaters, thin construction and low mass designs allow heat to transfer more efficiently than foil imprinted heaters. Uniform part temperatures are assured by matching power. Flexible Heaters’ high temperature capability allows low wattage for faster heat-up and warm-up time with a supply input of 12 V dc.

Brochure of Heaters

Brochure of PTC Heaters




Shoulder Band
Thermal Jacket
Wrist Band
Space-saving, flexible cigarette lighter