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Force Sensors

Force Sensors

Flexible Printed Force Sensors are designed that translate applied mechanical forces into output signals on an indicator, controller, or computer. Our Printed Force Sensors are ideal for smart applications where force needs to be measured such as occupancy tracking. The real-time nature of the force sensors ensures real-time interaction between the users and devices. Their lightweight and flexible nature allow for versatile custom designs to be implemented without compromising on the overall aesthetic and functionality.

These are light weight and occupy less space in the product design finding applications where flexibility is a concerned requirement. The triggering force required in these flexible sensors is very low with a good output reaction speed.

With the designing and the screen printing techniques, customized shapes and sizes can be acquired with respect to the product applications.

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Smartwatches and fitness trackers
Vitals (blood pressure, diabetes, oxygen levels, etc.) monitoring
Bed occupancy tracking in hospitals