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Flexible Circuit

Flexible Circuit

While flexible circuits have been in use since the time of the two World Wars, printed flexible circuits is a new development that is rapidly gaining demand owing to IoT, nanotechnology, mobility, Industry 4.0, wearables, etc. At Printed Electronics India, we make printed flexible circuits that have a layer of conductive ink (Ag) and dielectric inks on flexible, bendable substrate surfaces. While the low-temperature solder paste prevents short circuits, the substrate’s high heat resistance makes it safe and easy to handle in various forms.

The electronic circuits and LED display are often incorporated for real time application system by using flexible PCB technology. In this prototype, electroluminescence display and touch sensitive sensor circuitry is printed with the help of screen printing technique and also formulation of low temperature solder paste for mounting of electronic components on base substrate.

Electronic components referred to SMD type are integrated in the circuits with the help of printing of solder paste patches by using stencil printing on the substrate. Low temperature solder paste composed of metallic based polymer is bonded to increase the mounting adhesion as well as create low resistance after drying. The electrical and mechanical characterization proves that this technology may give supportive solution to overcome PCB technology.

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Minimum assembly time
Absorbs circuit vibrations well


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