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Printed Battery

Printed Battery

Printed Battery: a flexible, lightweight and easily disposable/recyclable battery that can be screen printed on paper or plastic substrates using non-toxic inks. With only 7 layers of printing, the battery features a vertical structure consisting of Silver, Carbon, Zinc, MnO2, BatElectrolyte, BatBarrier 600, and HotMeltGlue 800.

The Zinc-ZnCl2-MnO2 battery provides 6 volts and is composed of four unit cells connected in series, which can be conveniently linked to external circuits with conductive adhesives. Our Printed Batteries come in two types: ZincMnO2 flexible, printed on a blister foil and very flexible, and ZincMnO2 standard, printed on a PET foil and not bendable.

Battery performance can be customized by adjusting the size and thickness, with an open circuit voltage of 1.5 – 6 V and an initial short circuit current of 30 – 70 mA. The battery has a storage capacity of ~1 – 5 mAh.

Our Printed Battery is sustainable and energy efficient, produced without the use of toxic or corrosive chemicals. However, some challenges exist such as limited energy storage and self-discharge, with a shelf life of approximately 1 year. Additionally, the barrier substrate must be a good barrier to water but a bad barrier to hydrogen, preferably made from thin and flexible materials.

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