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February 5, 2022

Capacitive Switches With Back lighting

If you wish to add backlighting to your capacitive switch, there are several options available to achieve uniform lighting, including light guides or LEDs. Other backlighting options include fiber optic backlighting and EL backlighting, which can be selected based on your specific requirements, such as thickness, shape, environmental exposure, and other unique specifications. Upgrading to the latest LED-powered lighting can also help reduce costs and power consumption, especially for portable devices.

Backlighting solutions have a wide range of applications, including remote controls, laboratory equipment, airplane dashboards, medical devices in dimly lit operating rooms, and consumer appliances like coffee makers and microwaves. Laptop keyboards and many other devices that we interact with daily or sporadically also utilize backlighting.

We offer various backlighting samples that you can evaluate and consider for your application. To receive a selection of useful samples and tools, please feel free to submit a sample request, and we will be happy to assist you.