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Next-gen Electronics

Applying Flexible Ideas for Future Applications


Shoulder Band
Thermal Jacket
Wrist Band
Space-saving, flexible cigarette lighter
Electrochromic Display
Smart Packaging
Smart Surface 7356
Force Sensors
Smartwatches and fitness trackers
Vitals (blood pressure, diabetes, oxygen levels, etc.) monitoring
Bed occupancy tracking in hospitals
Humidity Sensors
Humidity control in sterilizers, incubators, ventilators, etc.
Smart irrigation and soil moisture monitoring
Measuring humidity in HVAC systems
Neutralizing dry air in the atmosphere, especially in winters
Transparent Electrodes
As front electrodes in flexible solar cells
Heavy-duty military sensor devices and radars
Portable printers and scanner
Dummy application
Flexible Circuit
Printed Bottle 7373
Portable and light-weight hearing aids
Robotic arms for surgeries
Motion light systems and products
In Mould Electronics
Smart Surface 7349
Interactive dashboards in automobile and aerospace industry
Reducing wires and components in home appliances
Touch Input Devices
Automated vending machines such as ATMs, food delivery, ticket vending, etc.
Interactive dashboards in automobiles
Inflight infotainment systems
Cash registers and inventory management in supermarkets or grocery stores